January 14, 2009


Gonzalez, Florida

Energion Publications Announces New Book Category

Energion Publications to add a new line of books exploring political issues to its already existing Christian publications, and has signed author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. to write the first offering in this division.

The political category will differ from our existing line of books as it deals with issues not specifically religious or spiritual in nature. However, the same Christian principles will guide our selection of published titles.

For this new category, we will be seeking manuscripts that have a strong ideological position, but that address their topics in such a way as to invite dialog. We are not interested in homogenization—we are interested in clear and direct conversation that brings learning and growth.

Thus we welcome Mr. Hushbeck, the author of two previous volumes with their study guides, Evidence for the Bible and Christianity and Secularism, also published by Energion Publications. Mr. Hushbeck’s new book, Preserving Democracy, addresses up-to-the moment political issues without resorting to partisan attacks. Though not overtly partisan, it’s ideology is clearly stated and forcefully defended: Limited government, rule of law, accountability in the political system, and a largely free-market system. While Mr. Hushbeck’s morals are guided by his religious faith, and indeed he claims that religious faith is critical to the survival of the American democratic system, he addresses his arguments to all who love freedom and democracy and who wish to preserve it. Even critics will find much to think about in this book.

This new series will be inaugurated with the release of Preserving Democracy on April 15, 2009—just in time to consider its words as you file your tax return.

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