According to CQ Politics, the current version of the new campaign finance bill is splitting Democrats in the house, and well it should.

But what is most important to note here is the fatal flaw in campaign finance reform–the fact that it is crafted by politicians pursuing their interests.  That is the value of free speech–it cuts in every direction.  With this bill politicians try to balance the free speech rights of unions vs business, the NRA vs other interest groups, and particular politicians and their desire to please (or displease) other interests.

That is the genius of the constitution as written:  Free speech for everyone, especially in the political sphere.

From Preserving Democracy, page 153 of the new paperback edition:

Thus our system of government was set up as a republic, where we vote, not on issues directly, but for representatives, who would then cast votes for us. Yet representative democracy has its dangers as well. If the representative does not represent the will of the people the system breaks down.

But now we have representatives decided which people they should represent.

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